While the candle business is one that is booming, especially during this time of year, you don’t need to burn candles all the time to make your house smell good. If you’re looking for the smell of freshness to mask anything else that may be causing odors in your home, i.e. kids, pets or just the fact that you haven’t done laundry in weeks, you should really think about getting an air freshener. We’re not talking about ones you manually spray after you use the facilities. These automatic air fresheners will release a spray of clean scent to keep your home smelling like a meadow, washed laundry or one of the countless other scents that are out there. If this sounds like something that is a must have in your home, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite ones out there. Check below for our picks for the best automatic air fresheners on the market.

Best Starter Kit

Covering all your bases, so you have the fragrances, unit and refills that you might need to keep your home smelling fresh for a long time, the Air Wick Plug In Scented Oil Starter Kit provides that cleanliness. Air Wick blends together the scents of fresh laundry, sunshine and pure white flowers to create a unique smell that will fill your home. This contains natural oils for a better fragrance experience. You’ll receive 45 days of continuous use per refill and with this kit, you’ll get six refills. You’ll also get two warmers that feature new technology and allow the fragrance to spread outward and upward, casting more of a net over the room. You just need to plug it into an electric socket to start the process. You can easily adjust the level of fragrance on a scale of one to five, so you pick how strong you want it to be. This eco-friendly kit can be used in any room of your house, especially the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The packaging features 50% less plastic than before and everything can be recycled.

Best Automatic Spray Holder

For those who don’t want to take up an outlet or don’t have that many to go around, you can opt for an air freshener that is battery operated and the Glade Automatic Spray Holder is a great choice. With the Hawaiian Breeze refill starter kit, you’ll get notes of lush fruits and flowers in each sniff. This newly designed holder provides 60 days of continuous freshness. You’ll receive 10% more control for more confidence in your fragrance. With this package, you’ll receive an automatic spray holder that is operated by two AA batteries (also included). You’ll also get a spray refill and more are available for purchase on the web. It is infused with essential oils and is eco-friendly. It’s perfect for anywhere in your home and it can be adjusted to spray automatic bursts with three different time settings. Of course, if you’re walking by it and you think your room could use some different smells, you can just push the button to emit a spray. The easy-to-open latch allows you to refill it in a few moments.

Best Alternating Scents Freshener

Giving you the best of both worlds, the Febreze Plug In Air Freshener gives you a spray of not one but two scents at once. It releases two alternating scents that will freshen your home for up to 45 days, if it is on the low setting. The great thing about this freshener is it doesn’t just mask the odors. It will eliminate any bad smells that are emanating from any corner of the house, thanks to the OdorClean technology. You can just plug this into an outlet and let the freshener do the rest. You’ll receive the freshness of Gain with every puff. There are no traces of phthalates, formaldehyde or flammable propellents in Febreze, meaning it’s safe to use in any room of your home. With this package, you’ll receive the plug in oil warmer as well as the fragrance bottle that you just insert into the warmer.