Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has been released in several markets already, and you might be attending an early viewing on Thursday. The film you’ve been anxiously awaiting for years premiered earlier this week to mixed reviews. The general opinion seems to be that it’s a great film for fans, with lots of moments that will please Star Wars enthusiasts with references to earlier films in the series. On the other hand, there are some questionable choices for the Rise of Skywalker plot that have the potential to ruin the current trilogy, maybe even the entire Skywalker saga.

Disney will go forward and tell new Star Wars stories beyond the third trilogy, but don’t expect any post-credits scenes in this one to tease what might be coming down the road. This isn’t the MCU, after all. That said, some of the people who attended the premiere earlier this week already confirmed some of the recent Star Wars leaks, and they’ve now leaked the final scene as well. Major spoilers are about to follow, so don’t even think about reading beyond this point if you want to be surprised in theaters this weekend.

As we’ve explained before, several of the main characters of the new trilogy will die in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The list includes Leia, whose death isn’t at all surprising considering that Disney also killed Han Solo and Luke. Rey also briefly dies, with Ben Solo giving up his life to revive her. But that’s not how the film ends.

A person who saw the movie posted the final scene on Twitter (via Reddit), and it’s exactly what we thought it would be — that’s because the leaks from a few days ago said this would happen:

The end of the movie is Rey going to Tatooine and she buries Luke and Leia’s light sabers. Then an old lady walks by.

Old lady: Who are you?

Rey: I’m Rey.

Old lady: Rey What?

Rey looks off into the distance and sees the twins’ Force Ghosts.

Rey: Rey Skywalker.

Of course she is. She’s also Palpatine’s granddaughter, by the way. If you don’t believe the finale above, you should know that stills from the film already made their way online, including images that show the lightsabers on Tatooine and Luke and Leia as Force Ghosts — check them out below.

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