You’re pretty much always guaranteed to receive mail in your mailbox. Whether you have a box outside your home, on your front steps, in your apartment building or a PO Box, snail mail will always find a way to it. Now, if you’re like most of us, you don’t always remember to get your mail every day. Unfortunately, that means it piles up and you have a lot of mail to go through. Rather than just letting it sit on a pile on your island, kitchen table or near the front door, you should have a place to put it, so you can quickly sort it. With a wall mount mail organizer, you can divvy up the mail into different piles while saving what you want and throwing away the rest. If this idea seems almost too good to be true, we’ve highlighted three terrific options for you to check out. With these in your home, your mailman won’t be cursing you every time they attempt to jam more mail into your box.

Best Bronze Mail Organizer

For those with multiple people in the house who receive mail to your address, you’re going to want an easy way to organize it. With the DecoBros Wall Mount 3 Tier Letter Rack Organizer, there are three different racks for you to use. It has a classic bronze finish that is timeless, giving your wall a sophisticated look. Each tier has a perforated, mesh-like design for an office type feel. This is a patented design that also features key loops on the bottom, so you can hang up to five sets of keys or your purse or bag from the organizer. You’ll really see the quality construction when you feel the heavy gauge metal and will be impressed how well it holds up over time. Its dimensions are 10.2″ x 2.7″ x 13.7″, so it won’t take up your whole wall but will definitely fit a good amount of mail. It is very simple to install, as you just need some screws and wall anchors.

Best Single Tier Mail Organizer

If you’re looking for a smaller mail organizer that resembles a top opening mailbox, then you’ll be interested in the mDesign Wall Mount Metal Entryway Storage Organizer Mail Sorter Basket. This is meant to make your life easier and your entryway cleaner. It has a generously sized basket and five hooks, allowing you to store a lot of things. This can hold your incoming or outgoing mail, so you know what needs to be sent and what you just received. This will help you take advantage of unused wall space, as you can mount it on just about any wall. You can even use this on the inside of a cabinet as an additional unit. It measures 2.75″ x 11.12″ x 4.75″ and is made of strong steel wire with a steel mesh base. With the five hooks, you can hang your keychain, purse, wristlet, dog leash, harness or coats. Each hook has soft edges, so you can hang scarves and jackets without worrying about them being ripped. When you get home each day, drop off your sunglasses, phone, wallet or anything else you want to keep by the door in the organizer basket.

Best Classic Design Mail Organizer

Anyone who loves the swirling, classic design that is often seen on gates or in garden areas, look no further than the Spectrum Diversified 43310 Scroll Mail Organizer. This wall mount organizer is made of 100% steel, so it’s sturdy and built to last. It has a sleek, black finish that ages well, providing your house with distinct decor. This, like the first organizer we highlighted, has three tiers for your mail. You’ll be able to keep bills in one, personal mail in another and catalogs in a third, or you can organize it however you want. It has five key hooks, so you’ll be able to hang anything you need to by the door. You can even leave your jewelry, so you’ll always know where it is. This organizer checks in at 2.25″ x 11.25″ x 14.5″ and features a striking scroll design. Spectrum inspects every single piece before it leaves the factory, so you’re guaranteed to be pleased with the quality. On its own, it only weighs 1.08 pounds, so it’s very light and easy to hang.