After a long day of work, coupled with the gym or any other extracurricular activity, rest and relaxation are the names of the game. This goes double for those who work difficult, labor-intensive jobs that require them to be on their feet for most of, if not all of, an eight-hour or more work day. Everybody has their own idea of R&R, but it’s hard to dispute the notion that a foot massage after a long day on your feet on can be a godsend of sorts. But going to a salon or spa every single day after work is a bit unrealistic, to say the least. And unless you hire an in-house masseuse, a simple foot spa massager will have to do the trick. There are plenty of these handy and compact foot spas available on the Internet for a reasonable price. But if you’re planning on using this thing more often than not, you should probably opt for one that contains all your desired specs. And what might those be, exactly? Well, that’s where we come in. We compiled a list of some of the best foot spa massagers on the web today, so you can get a better idea of what to look for and, ultimately, purchase. Take a look at what we managed to come up with.

Best Overall Foot Spa

All things considered, you’re not going to find a foot spa/bath/massager better than this versatile RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine. It’s made with an ultra-comfortable, ergonomic design and provides a detailed and comfortable massage every time. Featuring a rotational ball for deep massages, a rolling stick, and heating and air compression, this high-tech device offers a deep-kneading Shiatsu foot massage that can be customized to your own liking. The fully adjustable massager also contains three different kneading intensities and three air pressure levels that can be adjusted based on your own personal preferences. It can be controlled on the super intuitive foot-controlled panel or with a separate remote control. The soothing heating function can be controlled separately, allowing you to concentrate on both the massage and spa functions on your own accord. It’s also super easy to clean, and can be shared by multiple people, thanks to a stored washable cloth in the foot chambers to be used after each use. For those who want to soothe foot pain from plantar fasciitis, reduce physical exhaustion through your foot’s nerve reflex, improve blood flow, or simply give your feet a much-needed massage, this machine is made for you.

Best Foot Spa Massager with Pedicure Attachments

If you’re also looking to cut out the weekly pedicures, you might as well get a machine that can do that, too. Luckily, the Ivation Foot Spa Massager comes with three different pedicure attachments to give you a full, salon-quality experience from the comfort of your own home. Obviously, you’re not going to be receiving the same attention to detail as a human-led pedicure, but it’s certainly a convenient and cost-effective runner-up. This device gives you an intense, vibrating massage that encourages circulation to help soothe achy heels, arches, ankles, and toes. Featuring a hot water function that can reach up to 122° F for a spa-like experience, this foot spa massager also contains multiple water jets — much like a real hot tub or jacuzzi — to create thousands of calming bubbles to repair and comfort your feet and control throbbing, redness, swelling, and more. The system features an advanced timer and multi-function control panel, as well as a free brush and the aforementioned three acupressure pedicure attachments.

Best Value Foot Spa Massager

From a sheer value standpoint, this All-In-One Foot Spa Bath Massager W/Heat from Kendal is unparalleled. Despite its inexpensive pricetag, this massager has it all — it provides advanced heating therapy, oxygen bubbles massage, and a high-frequency, vibration massage all in one, super-intuitive device. It’s also one of the safest massagers on the market, as it comes with an ETL certificate and guaranteed electric leakage protection. It also prevents overheating, which can certainly be a lifesaver. The device utilizes a high-tech, PTC-heating semiconductor that helps speed up heating and maintain a consistent, customized temperature while offering ultra secure, multi-insulation protection. The body of the device is made of high-quality and durable plastic that is both heat and age-resistant, while the two active massage rollers are set specifically in water output to give you a deep, relaxing massage. This bang-for-your-buck massager will help increase your metabolism, improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and make your feet and ankles feel like a million bucks — all for a super reasonable price.