When you’re in the middle of an intensive workout, sometimes you don’t have the capacity to wipe the sweat from your brow. When you’re in the middle of a bicycle ride, a serious lifting session or are flying down the slopes while skiing, the last thing that you want to happen is for sweat to drip down into your eyes. While you can probably wear a bandana or plain old ball cap, that won’t keep your face clear. You need something extra and that can be a moisture wicking cap. There are different kinds of moisture wicking caps that can be used to line your football or motorcycle helmet or work through a 10K race with you. So, if you’re someone who has thought about wearing one, we’ve handpicked three of the best out there to help you decide. Let’s take a look at some of the top moisture wicking caps.

Best Helmet Lining Cap

Those who are getting ready to handle two-a-days in the dead of summer before high school football practice should consider the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner. When this cap gets wet, it cools instantly, so you don’t have to worry about pouring sweat into your face. We’ve all worked up such a sweat that it has cascaded down our face, but if you have this liner on while you’re working out, you’ll stay drier. It provides UPF 45 protection from the sun and the body is made with a blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. It’s 100% mesh to wick away sweat from your head. This cap comes in one size to fit most and is offered in four different styles: American flag, White, Black and Digi Camo Grey. Something that we loved about this cap is the fact that it regulates evaporation to help your head stay cool. It’s entirely chemical-free and you can wear it inside or outside of the helmet. The way it is constructed, it has a proprietary weave that absorbs water through its capillary system. You can reuse this cap over and over and it’s machine washable.

Best Quick Dry Sports Hat

If you’re out for a jog or are training for a big race, you want to be protected from the sun and not have to worry about wiping your perspiration. If you’re wearing the GADIEMKENSD Quick Dry Sports Hat, you won’t have that problem. It comes in 12 different colors and styles, so these hats are perfect for anybody in your family. There are a lot of great features with this hat but the moisture-wicking technology takes the cake. These hats are so comfortable, it’ll barely feel like you’re wearing one. Cozy is the right word to use as you can just toss it on and not worry about it. The crown of the hat is unstructured, meaning it will flop and can store easily if you need to toss it in a bag or something. You won’t ruin the hat by packing it. Also the fact that there is no crown means that it can fit just about any size head. It’s made with super stretchy fabric with cotton and polyester that is soft to the touch. This kind of hat is ideal for golfers, runners, tennis players or just for anybody who is doing an outdoor activity like gardening or grilling. It is adjustable, so you can customize the feel to your liking.

Best Cap with Ear Flaps

For the colder portions of the year, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to only staying indoors (which a lot of us do). If you’re still going to be working up a sweat snowboarding, skiing, or just running around during a snowball fight, you need the Tough Headwear Helmet Liner Skull Cap Beanie with Ear Covers. The great thing about this particular cap is that it can be worn under a helmet or on its own. Are you getting ready for a Thanksgiving Day game of football but expecting chilly weather? This cap will keep you warm regardless and also wick away any sweat or moisture. It is lightweight and comfortable, making it feel like you aren’t wearing it at all. One size fits all, thanks to the 89% polyester and 11% spandex make-up. The fabric is stretchy and breathable to get rid of moisture and the brushed lining provides thermal retention for your head and ears. There is a reflective icon on the front of the cap, which is great for any activities at night.