Having a newborn is a really tough task. Always having to worry about whether or not they are feeling okay, eating enough or sleeping at all can keep parents awake at all hours. But when your son or daughter starts to crawl or walk, that’s when even more pressure comes into play. There are some areas of your house that children aren’t allowed in at a young age, mainly going up and down stairs. That’s why a baby gate is such a perfect invention for any home. A safety precaution that every family can take, gates are difficult for kids to open and will keep them in the designated areas you want them to be in. So give your worried mind a break and choose any of these fantastic gates to keep your baby safe.

Best Extra Tall Baby Gate

Fitting in most entryways, the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is made from imported metal. It can have a pressure-mounted installation for use between rooms or there are optional hardware mounts included for installation in stairways. This three-foot tall gate fits openings between 28.5″ and 45″. It automatically closes when you walk through it and has a dual locking system. It’s also great for small pets and is made from bronze. You’ll be able to get different sizes of Summer Infant gates if you prefer.

Best Wide Baby Gate

With an ability to expand to fit in your area, the Regalo Easy Open 47-Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate is adjustable. It includes a four-inch and a 12-inch extension kit and four pressure mount spindle rods. You can use this in a doorway, hallway or stairway. It extends between 29″-38″ or 42″-47″, providing you a lot of flexibility. The pressure mount design is easy to install and quick to set up. This gate includes multiple safety lock features, four wall cups for added security and mounting hardware.

Best Baby Gate Play Area

Allowing you to create a play pen with your gate, the Evenflo Versatile Play Space can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s perfect for children six to 24 months and features 18.5 square feet of space. It’s easy to assemble and has exclusive reversible legs with outdoor stakes for lawn use. The bottoms also have anti-movement, non-scratch floor pads for indoor use. It can be used in the sand on the beach and has a foldable molded handle for additional safety. Your baby can crawl, walk, jump or run around in this area.