With October almost over, we’re less than two months away from the supposedly epic conclusion of Star Wars. And Star Wars is one of the most important things happening in entertainment this week, with the final Rise of Skywalker trailer having been released just a few days ago. That’s just one of the brand new trailers you’ll catch in theaters this week, with Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot being another highlight.

As for new releases, we have a couple of films that may be on your radar, including Black and Blue and Countdown. Joker and Zombieland: Double Tap are still much better choices — the former launched a few weeks ago, and it’s still going strong, and you’ve been waiting for the latter for a decade.

A new horror/drama also awaits on Netflix: Rattlesnake, a story about a mother having to pay back a huge debt. Someone saved the life of her daughter, and she has to take a life in return. Even more interesting is Eddie Murphy’s Dolemite Is My Name that’s also out on Netflix this weekend. And if there’s an original new Netflix creation that you should be aware of right now, it’s definitely Living With Yourself. The limited series that launched last week stars Paul Rudd and… also Paul Rudd. It’s the perfect show to stream over the weekend. And, really, it feels like an extended movie rather than a TV series, and you won’t be able to put it down once you start.



Let It Snow

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The Aeronauts

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