Nail the exact cook you want for your eggs, especially if you’re looking for them sunny side up, and make uniform pancakes that will make your whole family happy when you pick up a set of egg rings. Egg rings keep the cooking area contained and help your fried eggs turn out exactly how you and your guests like. If you’re interested in breakfast meats, you can make a great sausage patty in one of these rings as well as some hash browns. There’s so many uses to help you fill out your plate with breakfast delicacies. So we’ve highlighted a few sets of egg rings below to give you an idea of what the first meal of your day can look like.

Best Egg Ring Set

Packed with all of the essentials you’ll need to cook a tremendous breakfast, the Ozera 6 Pack Egg Rings will have you featuring morning meals any time of the day. With this set, you’ll receive four egg rings made from silicone and two egg rings made from stainless steel. You’ll also receive a silicone spatula and a silicone brush to help you remove your food from the pan. The metal rings are also meant to be used to cook pancakes, biscuits, bacon, potatoes or crepes. Each silicone egg ring has a folding handle, which makes them easy to store and use.

Best Easy-to-Clean Egg Ring

You won’t have to worry about scraping dried bits of food with the New Egg Rings by YumYum Utensils. This set of four rings is made from non-stick silicone that is dishwasher safe. Each of them is four inches in diameter and has a flippable handle, so you can check to see when your eggs are ready. They are BPA-free and 100% FDA-approved. These can be heated up to 446°F. You’ll also receive a recipe book that’s chock full of 50 recipes and the set comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Best Varying Sizes Egg Ring Set

Whether you want one egg, two eggs, some pancakes or an omelet, you can make it all with the Cuisinart CGR-400 Ultimate 4-Piece Griddle Ring Set. The omelet ring is 8″ in diameter and will hold the eggs for you while they cook and then you can add your toppings and flip it over all at once. The pancake ring is 6″ in diameter and is perfectly round, allowing you to make some fantastic griddle cakes. Then there are two 4″ egg rings for fried or poached eggs. You can also use the egg rings for smaller pancakes. Each ring has a non-stick coating and a handle that is foldable for simple storage.