Heading towards the end of the year always means there’s more baked goods in your future. Whether it’s for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’re likely to eat more than you do throughout the year and see more desserts than you thought possible. If you’re in the mood for making, say, an apple pie, there’s one instrument you’re going to need: a peeler. You don’t want skin on those apples when you bake them plus, a peeler can be used for so many different foods that have skin. Whether you need zucchini or carrots peeled or you’re getting ready to make a potato casserole, you have to have one of these. We’ve found some of the best out there and highlighted them below. Let’s take a look so you can wow everyone with that pie.

Best Swivel Peeler

With a rotational head that will contour to your fruit or vegetable, the Spring Chef Premium Vegetable Peeler needs to be in your kitchen drawer. It has dual stainless steel blades that swivel along the produce for smooth, effortless peeling. At the top of the peeler is a blemish remover, so you can use it on things like potatoes or apples alike. With Smooth Glide Technology, it won’t clog with peels as you’re going and it’s dishwasher safe. It has a comfortable grip that’s great for right-handed or left-handed users.

Best Y-Shaped Peeler

For wider shaped pieces, the UberChef UC-JP101 Erg Premium Ultra Sharp Julienne Peeler sizes your produce up right. The stainless steel is presented as brushed metal and is completely dishwasher safe. You’ll be able to go straight down a cucumber, zucchini or carrot without much hassle, thanks to the long blades. It has both a peeler and a Julienne blade, so you’ll get the cut that you want. It comes with a cleaning brush to get into the crevices that are sometimes hard to reach.

Best Peeler Pack

Giving you not one, not two but three peelers for the price of one, the OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Peeler Set has all your peeling needs covered. You’ll get a Y-shaped Julienne peeler that will give you thicker strips and comes with a cover top. You’ll also get a swivel peeler that’s very easy to use and a serrated peeler with a serrated blade to peel waxy or slippery fruit. All of them come with comfortable handles and they don’t dig into the fruit, causing you to ruin it. You won’t get tired of using these as they slide through food quickly.