Tame that annoying bit of hair that keeps falling onto your face and neck by putting it up in a ponytail using a hair tie. Anyone who has longer hair knows what a chore it is to maintain it. But if you look best with a longer mane, you have to find ways to deal with it. Whether you’re about to go for a run or are just hot in general, you need to have a hair tie to assist you in taking care of your locks. So if you’re in the market for a hair tie to always keep around your wrist, take a look at some of these options and stop feeling bogged down by your hair.

Best Elastic Hair Tie Pack

Proven to never pull your hair, the Kenz Laurenz 100 Hair Ties No Crease Ribbon Elastics Ouchless Ponytail Holders Hair Bands are soft and stretchy. These won’t damage your hair and are perfect to keep your ponytail high and tight while you’re playing sports. The hair ties can hold thin to medium thick hair and you’ll receive 100 of them in a pack, so you’ll be able to keep them in the house, in your bag or in your coat. They expand to conform to your ponytail.

Best Cotton Hair Tie Pack

If you’re looking for a hair tie that won’t crease your hair, then look no further than then J-MEE’s Thick Seamless Cotton Hair Bands. These bands are thick and durable, guaranteeing your hair won’t fall out of its pony. With a seamless design, they stretch, are super soft to use and to keep around your wrist when you aren’t using them. It won’t snag, break or stretch so far that it’s unusable. Whether you’re looking to put your hair in a ponytail, bun, or braids, these cotton bands will do the trick. You’ll receive 100 per pack and they can be used with all thicknesses of hair.

Best Plastic Hair Tie Pack

Guaranteed to hold your hair in its coils, the Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties are transparent, so they’ll blend in nicely. These coils are gentle on your locks and help prevent ponytail bumps and hair headaches. They are waterproof and hygienic as the non-absorbent material can be worn while swimming or bathing. These ties are 1.5″ in diameter but can easily uncoil and stretch to fit just about any size of bun or braid. The pack comes with four hair ties and if the tie happens to stretch larger, you can put it in a cup of warm water or use a blow dryer on it to shrink it.