Prevent disaster from happening on the road and make sure your roof rack is strapped properly to the top of your car, so you don’t make it a heart-stopping trip for the car behind you, with the help of a set of bungee cords. Using bungee cords to secure your precious packages will keep your mind at ease on a windy day. Whether you’re moving yourself into a new home or moving your son or daughter into their dorm room at college, making sure things are packed the right way can really make your life easier. With a quality set of bungee cords like the three below, you’ll be able to harness your load and pack more efficiently. Let’s take a look at some of the best on the market.

Most Versatile Bungee Cord Set

Providing each user with versatility in how they use them, the FORTEM Bungee Cords 24-piece Set has a lot to offer. With this set, you’ll receive a bunch of different bungee cords in varying lengths, so you can find one for each separate scenario. They range from 18 inches to 40 inches and are color coded, making differentiating them easier. Each one is made from a cross-woven rubber and latex, making them twice as strong as elastic. The hooks are covered in UV-resistant plastic and it comes with a bonus cargo net with canopy ties.

Best Bungee Cords with Steel Hooks

Built to last a long time, the CARTMAN Bungee Cords are extremely durable. By purchasing this set, you’ll get six 32″ 8mm green cords and 10 24″ 8mm red cords. The cords are rubber, providing them with superior strength. The steel hook will clasp onto your belonging and won’t let go, thanks to the extra wide opening each of them has. Each cord has a UV-resistant jacket, protecting them from the elements. The cord is tucked well into the hook, so there isn’t any piece that is sticking out.

Best Ball Bungee

If you aren’t in the market for a bungee cord with a hook on the end, let us introduce to you the Kotap BB-6B Ball Bungee. These cords are black with gray accents and each one measures six inches in length while being able to stretch to eight and a half inches. The cord diameter is a fifth of an inch and each cord has a nylon ball attached to the end of it. You can easily tie these around a tarp and other fixed points. It also helps prolong the life of the tarp or the grommets, since there isn’t a sharp hook on the end.