It’s that time again. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler, and the pumpkin spice latte flows like wine. Obviously, we’re talking about the month of October. But the real October fun doesn’t start until its final week — the week before Halloween. Of course, the holiday might not be as exciting as it was in our youth, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t dress up and have a good time. Whether it’s for your office holiday party or just a casual get together with friends, there are still a million reasons for adults to dress up. However, in our adulthood, choosing a costume can prove to be quite difficult — especially for those who are a bit indecisive. But once you narrow down the criteria, it’s not all that bad. So let’s make your life a little easier and look at some of the best Halloween costumes for men.

Best Men’s Costume for Cosplayers

For aspiring cosplayers, sci-fi junkies, or just fans of pop culture in general, this Cosplaysky Adult Tunic Hooded Robe Outfit for Jedi Costume is a great choice. It’s not too cumbersome nor flashy, so you can socialize or get through your workday without an intrusive mask or uncomfortable costume. It’s made out of linen, polyester, and cotton for a high-quality and comfortable feel. With a pull-on closure, it’s easy to take on and off, and the whole set comes with a tunic, tabard, belt, pants, and robe, giving you that authentic Jedi look you’ve always wanted. And with the new Star Wars movie coming out in December, your costume will be relevant and timely. Maybe you can wear it to the opening night showing, too.

Funniest Men’s Costume

Conversely, if you’re someone who likes to be the center of attention and make people laugh, this Rubie’s Adult Official Jurassic World Inflatable Dinosaur Costume is sure to do the trick. It is, essentially, the opposite of the Jedi costume — it’s a commitment wearing this thing. But if you’re willing to sacrifice movement, you’ll definitely be a hit at whatever event you’re attending. Featuring a zipper closure for a full body suit, this T-Rex costume will bring no shortage of laughs. The costume comes with a built-in fan with an attached battery pack that will keep your costume inflated all night long, ensuring that you’re in full T-Rex garb for the long haul.

Best Value Men’s Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for a cheap, last-minute costume that is also sure to get rave reviews, this Rasta Imposta Lightweight Banana Costume is the perfect option. This 100% polyester costume is lightweight and easy to put on. The best part is, you can wear regular clothes underneath it, so you can remove the banana portion of it and seamlessly go back to looking like a normal person. But who would want that on Halloween, anyway?