Going to a fancy coffee shop five times a week might make your life easier but it certainly will dent your wallet. Sure, the barista may know your name and have an idea of what you want if you say you want the “usual”. But spending all your money on lattes can eat into your savings and quite frankly, feed into your caffeine addiction. Well, if you are a coffee addict, at least give your money clip a break and get your own milk frothing pitcher. Heating milk in a pitcher, with a milk frother, lets you take coffee making into your own hands and doesn’t require a trip out the door. So if you’re interested in being your own barista, check out any of the milk frothing pitchers we’ve highlighted below.

Best Large Milk Frothing Pitcher

Made from premium grade 304 stainless steel, the Star Coffee Milk Frothing Pitcher is perfect for espresso machines, milk frothers and for latte art. You’ll be able to enjoy a cup of espresso, a chai latte or a green coffee without much hassle. For a large pitcher, it is offered in a 30-ounce size, so you’ll be able to make enough for yourself and your guests. You can froth milk in any style and this shiny cup looks good on any countertop. It’s stain resistant, won’t rust and distributes heat evenly. There are measurement scales on both the inside and outside, so you’ll be able to portion out the correct amount of milk per drink.

Best Medium Milk Frothing Pitcher

Great for multiple uses, the X-Chef Milk Frothing Pitcher is convenient and easy to use for any coffee drinker. You can froth or steam milk in it for lattes, measure out ingredients or serve milk or cream for coffee in it. It is stain-proof and unbreakable, allowing you to heat it safely every day if you want. It has a capacity of 20 ounces and the simple design and dripless spout means you won’t have any mess. You can either wash it in the dishwasher or by hand with soapy water.

Best Small Milk Frothing Pitcher

You’ll get ultimate control over how much milk you want to use when you get the Fly Skyline Milk Frothing Pitcher. It comes in a small size of 14 ounces but is also available in larger capacities. You can mix batters in it and use it for either hot or cold pourable beverages. The stainless steel distributes heat safely and comes with a lifetime guarantee to make sure you’re satisfied with it. It’s a perfect size for two to three cups of coffee. The handle is carefully polished and won’t get hot when you’re heating milk in it.