You’re late for the bus or train and you’re running through the wet morning. Just as you’re about to get to your destination, you feel your entire foot become soaked in water. The perfect way to start a morning is not to step in a giant puddle without the proper footwear. For those rainy days, you’ll need a durable pair of rain boots to keep your feet dry. You don’t want to show up to your first meeting or class of the day with a soggy sneaker or loafer. Make sure you and your feet are protected from the weather with any of these pairs of rain boots we’ve highlighted below. Because nothing puts a bigger damper on a day than having to walk around in wet socks.

Best Rain Boots for Women

Stylish enough to be worn all day long, the Sloggers Women’s Waterproof Rain and Garden Boot come in multiple patterns and colors. These have “All-Day Comfort” insoles, with a molded arch, 5mm thick ball insulation and 7mm thick heel insulation for major stability. They go up to your calf and are made from 100% recyclable plastic to combat puddles and mud. The bottom of the boot has a heavy-duty lug tread to keep traction even in the wettest of areas. You can either hose these off or wipe them off with a cloth.

Best Rain Boots for Kids

Kids are known for jumping in puddles. So outfit your child with LONECONE Rain Boots to keep the water on the ground. They have easy-to-grab handles to help slide the boots on. They come in fun patterns and colors to make your kid happy. These boots can be worn during any season and they are guaranteed to last a full six months. Made from soft and flexible rubber, there’s a non-slip tread that won’t crack or rip. These were designed with children in mind.

Best Rain Boots for Men

Built with a waterproof construction, the XTRATUF Performance Series 6″ Men’s Full Rubber Ankle Deck Boots can keep your feet dry always. You can slip these boots on but you won’t slip in them, thanks to the durable tread and outsole. The lining is breathable and antimicrobial to protect against odor-causing bacteria. There are pull loops on the front and back, so you’ll never have a problem getting them on. These ankle height boots are lightweight and easy to walk in. They come in seven different colors, including black or tan, so you can wear them to work and keep them on.