Working intricately isn’t a small task for all of us. Some of us have terrible hand-eye coordination and clumsy hands. For those who need help with taking and removing small items such as pins from a gun or a watch, there are pin punch sets. Getting a pin punch set can aid you in working with tiny pieces of equipment or being able to disassemble tables or car parts. Using a pin punch set can be an important part of gunsmithing, helping you take your firearm apart. So if you have had any problems removing spring pins in the past from certain items, take a look at the three pin punch sets below and don’t worry about your clumsy hands any longer.

Best Hammer and Punch Set

While it is best to use a mallet to punch the pins into place, not all sets give you one. But the Wheeler Engineering Hammer and Punch Set has you covered. The chrome plated steel hammer has nylon and brass heads that provide strong contact but not enough to ruin your pin. The punches in the set are either made from bronze or plastic. You’ll get punches ranging from 1/8″ to 3/8″ with a bunch of variations in between. It all comes with a convenient plastic case to store them in.

Most Durable Pin Punch Set

For a equipment set that is built to last, look no further than the MulWark 9pc Best Bolt Catch Roll Pin Punch Set. These punches are made from drop-forged and heat-tested steel with a hardness around 50 HRC. They eliminate bending or flexing and won’t break when smacked on. The tapered punch has a rust-preventive coating placed on it, so it won’t corrode. The ground shanks are long and have a knurled handle to keep it in your grasp. The set comes with nine punches of varying sizes and a carrying case. If you need to install men into your foosball table, this is the set you’ll need.

Best Value Pin Punch Set

Giving you a cost-effective option with still plenty of, well, punch, is the TuffMan Tools Roll Pin Punch Set. You can change the nine pieces in and out, depending on the job, whether it’s performing watch repair or handling an automotive motor. The reverse taper tips prevent any slipping and scratching from causing damage to your parts. You’ll get punches ranging from 1/16″ to 5/16″, all in a bonus storage pouch that you can keep in your toolbox. These will help you insert or drive out hollow pins or springs.