Ease your pain and stimulate blood flow back into your muscles to have them recuperating quicker with the use of a muscle roller stick. A muscle roller stick can help you work out any kinks or problem areas in your muscles and soothe any tough spots. Alleviating stress is something everyone hopes for but whether it’s a chronic pain or a pull or strain that occurred during a workout or run, it can often times linger. By using a muscle roller stick, you can massage your muscles without having to go to a masseuse and fork out extra dough. Take a look at our list of the best sticks on the market and get back to feeling more normal faster.

Best Muscle Roller Stick for Travel

With an innovative design, The Stick is known on the market as one of the best products for alleviating stress and its travel version is great to pack with you for just about anywhere. It measures 18.2 inches and is portable, so it’s good for use on your legs. By rolling it over your muscles, it performs a therapeutic process of activating your trigger points, allowing recovery to start faster. It helps increase your range of motion and opens up your muscles to wider use. You’ll feel more flexible and it can level out your problem areas. There are eight spindles to address muscle groups along with two nonslip handles.

Best Muscle Roller Stick for Pressure Points

In order to get rid of your pain quicker, you may want to try targeting your pressure points and the Gaiam Restore Massage Stick will do just that. The deep tissue spiked nodules can massage out the toughest aches and stimulate tissue recovery. It’ll help promote circulation and eliminate soreness. This stick is a smart way to combat sports-related injuries and compress and stretch muscles. The ergonomic handles make it easy to hold on to as you’re using it. You can also use it to blast cellulite and ease leg pain from restless leg syndrome.

Best Muscle Roller Stick for Your Whole Body

A premiere massager, the Supremus Sports Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick can work out almost any knot in your muscles. It is a self myofascial release bar that can be used on your quad, IT band, shoulder, neck, arm, thigh or anywhere else that needs targeting. It can pinpoint an area and help you massage it. The stick is sturdy and built to last, while offering you the flexibility to use it wherever you need to and with as much force as you want. It is backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so it doesn’t hurt you to at least give it a try.