It’s embarrassing when your friends are waiting for you to grab the basketball or soccer ball to come to the game and you pick it up and it’s soft and flat. Quickly remedy the situation by having a ball pump on hand to blow it up. Now, you’ll never be out the game when you have a pump. Whether you’re getting ready to toss around the old pigskin or heading to the beach with your volleyball, you want to make sure it’s properly inflated. So rather than using an air compressor and possibly popping your ball, pick up any of these hand ball pumps and meet up with your friends at the field.

Best Dual Action Pump

If you want a pump that’ll show you just how much air you should have in a specific ball, then you should get the Under Armour Dual Action Ball Pump. It will pump air twice as efficiently as a traditional pump. It has a ball specific gauge that provides references how much you should have in each ball. It also has a pressure release valve for customized pressure control. The flex hose length is six inches long and you’ll receive two needles to go with the pump. The hose is removable as well, if you want to pack and store them separately.

Best Pump Pack

Made for convenient storage and travel purposes, the Franklin Sports Ball Maintenance Kit will help you no matter where you need it. You’ll receive a 7.5″ pump with a flexible extension hose, as well as an inflation needle with the pump and two extra needles, gauge and a carrying case so you can keep everything organized. You’ll be able to measure PSI for the proper inflation level. You can keep the bag in your trunk, garage or bag in case you need it in an emergency.

Best Ergonomic Pump

Comfortable to grab, the Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump is lightweight and easy to use. You can use this for a kickball or even a speed bag and pretty much any ball in between. It pushes out air no matter which direction you’re moving the pump, which means it takes less time to inflate your balls. You’ll receive three needles and there’s a soft cap that keeps them from breaking. The perfectly designed body is easy to wrap your hand around and it isn’t hard to pump it up and down. It’s 8.5 inches, so it can fit just about anywhere.