Class personified. Elegance. Luxury. These are all ways of describing what a chandelier can do for your entryway. You don’t need to have a mansion to put up a chandelier anymore. The overhead lighting fixture just oozes fanciness and shows your guests just how serious you take interior decorating. It breathes an air of sophistication into the home and gives it a royal feel. Now, there are plenty of chandeliers that will cost you a lot of money and they’re worth it. But for people who aren’t looking to take out a second mortgage just to have a shiny fixture hanging in the foyer, we have some ideas for you. Check out the handpicked chandeliers below and start thinking about all the fancy dinner parties you’re about to host.

Best Bronze Chandelier

For a rustic look, you can opt for the Westinghouse Lighting 6333600 Stella Mira Six-Light Indoor Chandelier. This chandelier has a barnwood and oil rubbed bronze finish that gives it a timeless glow. It holds six lights, so it’ll be able to illuminate your area. The length can be adjusted to fit your area and you can use filament LED light bulbs to complete the vintage look. It measures 26 15/16″H x 24″D and has a chain that’s 36″ and a cord that’s 60″. You’ll also receive a five-year limited warranty on it.

Best Variety Chandelier

Offering you a lot of different options to choose from, the Original Gypsy Crystal Chandelier classes up any room. There are eight color choices and eight different styles you can opt for, providing you with flexibility. These acrylic crystals are sturdier than glass and are light and strong. You won’t have to individually put together the chandelier, as it comes ready to unfold and hang. This can be used in the walkway, bedroom, dining room, or living room. It is 21 inches in height and 19 inches in width.

Best Value Chandelier

For a tremendously cost-effective chandelier, take a look at the Hile Lighting KU300074 Modern Chandelier Crystal Ball Fixture Pendant Ceiling Lamp. It can be lit by utilizing just one light bulb and it’s compact size is great for hanging a few in a hallway. The measurements are 10.43″W x 8.66″D and it’s easy to install. It’s a great fixture for corridors or even bars. You can put a bulb up to 100W in it to make it shine brightly. The crystals are made of hard plastic, but look like real glass. It’ll only take about 20 minutes to put together.