The epitome of pain is forgetting you just cut some peppers and accidentally touching your eye. A simple way around this horrible conundrum is to wear gloves when you’re preparing your food. Whether you’re cutting a series of vegetables, handling different slices of poultry or meat, or coring spicy peppers, there’s a type of glove that’s right for you. Don’t fear your food anymore and don’t get worried thinking about having to chop or slice. If you have basic knife skills and have nicked yourself before or you’re sick of constantly washing your hands after picking up raw chicken, picking up any of these food prep gloves is never a bad idea.

Best Cut-Resistant Gloves

Offering four different sizes so anyone can find a pair that fits, the NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves are a great choice for all. They are extremely durable, as the cut-resistant material is four times stronger than leather. You will have superior grip with these on, as they are meant to be used for precise cutting. Don’t fear using a mandoline slicer anymore when you wear these gloves that protect your fingers from those blades. They are 100% food safe and they are also machine washable, so if they happen to get dirty, you can quickly clean them.

Best Disposable Gloves

Made without powder and completely latex-free, the Safeguard Nitrile Disposable Gloves are meant to be used once and then thrown away. These are soft on sensitive skin and great for meal prepping. They are puncture-resistant and highly elastic, so they’ll slide on and stay put. They are allergen-free and compliant with 21 CFR 177 for use in food services. The gloves are ambidextrous and each finger is contoured and textured to enhance the grip, meaning you won’t drop a wet vegetable after you’re washed it. Each box comes with 100 gloves, so you’ll have plenty before needing to stock up again.

Best See-Through Gloves

For an easier time seeing what you’re doing, check out the Clean Ones 500 Count Disposable Poly Gloves. They come in boxes of 500, 1,000 and 2,000 and are 100% latex-free. Each are made from a high-density polyethylene and are comfortable for most users. Each one features an angle-cut cuff, so getting them on and off is a breeze. They don’t have any powder on them, so they are safe for handling your food. It is recommended that you change gloves in between tasks, as you shouldn’t be handling vegetables after handling meat in the same gloves.