Owning a dog can be one of the most fulfilling duties any person can perform but it isn’t the easiest job in the world. If you have a puppy, training them properly can alleviate a lot of sleepless nights or headaches in the future. Whether it’s house training them, helping them understand what good behavior is, or how to act around other people and animals, it’s a large undertaking. Luckily, there are plenty of great devices on the market to aid you in the training process. We’ve picked some of the best training products out there to give you a head start on your relationship with your dog.

Best Dog Doorbell

One way to train your dog to let you know they need to go out for a walk is to utilize a dog doorbell. The BLUETREE Dog Doorbells come in a set of two and are proven to last.  These nice sounding bells have seven large bells dangling from a durable belt, so you can hang them by the door and your dog can nudge them any time it needs to go out. They are fully adjustable to whatever size door you need to hang them from and the silver coating keeps them shiny. It’s an easy and non-confrontational way to train your dog.

Best Dog Training Clicker

A great training aid, a clicker can be used to show your dog what good behavior is. You can click when you approve of something they do and then give them a treat to let them know they are being well-behaved. With the EcoCity 4-Pack Dog Training Clickers, you’ll be able to keep them around your wrist during the day when you are playing with your pup. The elastic strap won’t fall off and the clicker fits nicely in your hand. The button is easy to press and it will immediately pop back up for immediate use. The sound is just the right volume, not too loud or too soft. This can be used to train other animals too, such as birds, cats, or chickens.

Best Dog Training Treat

When training your dog, you don’t want to give them large treats each time they do something you approve of. That’s why the Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats are perfect. The miniature treats come in six different flavors, ranging from chicken to salmon to rabbit. They are each less than three calories, so you won’t worry about giving your dog too many during an outing. They are soft and chewy and contain natural ingredients. There is no corn, wheat or soy, as well as no artificial coloring or flavors. These trail-tested recipes are sure to be a big hit with your best friend.