There’s nothing like enjoying a nice glass of wine after a long day of work or with a delicious meal. No, that doesn’t make you an alcoholic — in fact, drinking a glass of red wine every night has proven to be a great source of antioxidants; in other words, it’s actually quite healthy. But nobody wants to drink their wine out of a coffee mug or a pint glass — you need a great set of wine glasses to truly enjoy the flavor. Luckily, you don’t have to go far to find yourself a reliable, elegant set of wine glasses. They’re just an Amazon search away. Here are some of the best we found.

Best Wine Glass Set

For a wine glass set that is both elegant and inexpensive, the Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses – 18 Ounce – Lead Free – Wine Glass Set of 4 is a perfect choice. Made in Italy, these authentic red wine glasses are made out of Star Glass, a lead-free chemical composition that not only positively impacts your own health, but produces a clear wine glass like no other. With thin rims that help emphasize the flavor and texture of your wine and a stout bulb-shape glass for maximum breathability, these glasses will actually make your wine taste better — guaranteed. They’re also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about hand washing them.

Best Combo Wine Glass Set

Now if you’re someone who isn’t just a wine drinker and prefers a glass of champagne here and there, the Riedel Ouverture Red and White Magnum Glass and Champagne Flute Set is a great choice. Here, you’re essentially paying for eight glasses but getting 12. The pack comes with four red magnum 12-3/8 oz capacity glasses, four white magnum 9-7/8-oz capacity glasses, and four champagne flute 9-1/8 oz capacity glasses. If you’re looking to mix and match, then this diverse set is certainly a viable avenue for you.

Best Stainless Steel Wine Glass Set

If you don’t like the traditional, clear wine glass, then these Stainless Steel Stemmed Wine Glasses from Modern Innovations should do the trick. Each glass holds up to 12 ounces of wine — your standard wine glass, only, they’re made out of shatterproof, dishwasher-friendly, BPA-free stainless steel as opposed to traditional glass. They’re both aesthetically pleasing — especially for those tired of the classic glass — and great for those prone to, errr, breaking their glassware.