While there are those utilize their laptop simply as a luxury, rather than a necessity, there are plenty of people whose laptop remains an absolute staple of their day-to-day life, especially, those who work remotely and rely on their it for literally everything. If you’re someone who uses a laptop for extended periods of time, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a laptop cooling pad to help preserve the lifespan of your unit. This goes doubles for hardcore gamers, whose laptops are especially susceptible to overheating. Just like us humans, your computer could always use some fresh air to help perform at full capacity. Here are some of the best cooling pads out there for full-time remote workers, gamers, and everyone in between.

Best Four-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

If you’re someone who doesn’t need something too heavy-duty, the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad for 15.6 – 17-Inch Laptops with Four 120mm Fans at 1200 RPM is the perfect middle ground. With four fans, you’re getting a cooling pad that is quiet and perfect to prevent overheating in laptops between 12-17.3″, including name brands like the Apple MacBook Pro Air, HP, Alienware, Dell, and Lenovo, amongst others. Its ergonomic design and adjustable height make it great for gaming or watching movies. With two built-in USB ports, you have the option to connect a multitude of media or charging options.

Best Five-Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

Now for something with a bit more power, you’re going to want a five-fan cooling device. The TopMate TM-3 12-15.6″ Five Quiet Fans LCD Screen 2500RPM Strong Wind Speed Designed Gaming Laptop Cooler is a great option for hardcore gamers or anybody that uses their computer for long periods of time. With four outer fans and one large center fan, this laptop cooling pad is capable of cooling most standard size laptops for long stretches of time. With adjustable tilting that includes five different angles, blue LED lighting that illuminates the surrounding area of your laptop, and a small display screen with a button control panel, this cooling pad is both effective and intuitive.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad for Value

When it comes to value, the HAVIT 5 Fans Laptop Cooling Pad for 14-17 Inch Laptop, Cooler Pad with LED Light, Dual USB 2.0 Ports, Adjustable Mount Stand is in a league of its own. With five ultra-quiet fans, including one large, 110mm fan and four supporting 85mm fans, this cooling pad is virtually guaranteed to keep your laptop from overheating. Made with a non-slip baffle for additional support, angle adjustment features, and extra USB ports for additional products, you have yourself a relatively inexpensive, versatile, but most of all, effective laptop cooling pad.