If you’re like 20% of the population, you grind your teeth at night. Whether unknowingly or purposefully, a lot more people do it during the day if they’re stressed. Help control a bad habit and save your teeth by wearing a night guard while you sleep. Your front teeth and your back molars are the areas that become ground down the most, wearing away the enamel and making your teeth weaker. The chances of having to wear dentures earlier in the life can be lessened with the help of a mouth guard. Ones that are specifically constructed just for you from the dentist can sometimes be a few hundred dollars. We’ve selected three options that will save you some money and also help protect your chompers.

Best Customizable Dental Guard

In order to get the perfect guard for your mouth, you can take a look at the enCore Guards Custom Dental Night Guards. There are three mouth guards, so you’re able to choose which one suits you the best. The kit comes with impression molds and taking your impression only takes five minutes. You will send the impression mold to enCore in a pre-paid mailer and then within seven to 10 days, you’ll receive your customized dental guard. It’s that simple and it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Disposable Dental Guard Pack

If keeping the same night guard for more than a few uses weirds you out, then the Plackers Grind No More Dental Night Guard is perfect for you. You get 14 night guards in each box and each night guard is good for two to three nights at best. This one-size-fits-all design is made for both upper and lower teeth, depending on where you want to wear it. These are individually packaged and no boiling, molding and cutting is required. You just simply slip one into your mouth and wear it.

Most Versatile Dental Guard Pack

Providing you a ton of options, The ConfiDental Pack of 5 Moldable Mouth Guards can help you day or night. These mouth guards can be used as night guards for people who grind their teeth, athletic guards for active sporting events, or they can be used as teeth whitening trays. They come in two different thicknesses, regular, which is 3mm thick, and heavy-duty, which is 6mm thick. You’ll just need to boil water, drop the guard in for a short time, and then bite down to form it to your mouth. They are reusable and they come with an anti-bacterial case.