Everybody remembers what it was like when you had art class in school. From an early age, we’ve been given coloring books, pads, pencils and crayons to let our mind go free and create. While you can mash crayons on the page until your heart desires, colored pencils are more sensitive and produce a finer line and more distinct look. A premiere colored pencil set gives you a lot of choices when it comes to colors as well as versatility when it comes to shadowing and shading. With the help of any of these colored pencil sets, you’ll get a nostalgic twinge for art class.

Biggest Colored Pencil Set

Boasting an unparalleled 150 colors, the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils pack gives you the ultimate array to choose from. You get the chance to enjoy nearly any color you can think of, from grays to blues to reds. Each pencil has a soft, thick core, making them perfect for working on your shadowing. The pigments are bright and vibrant, leaving little doubt on the page. The lead is resistant to cracking, thanks to its thick design. These are great for adult coloring books as well. Prismacolor has been around for 75 years, so it’s a trusted product.

Most Durable Colored Pencil Set

Built thicker so they won’t crack, the Shuttle Art 136 Colored Pencils Set are meant to be used heavily. The cores of each pencils are hardened and the points are pre-sharpened, so they’re ready to use out of the pack and will reshape easily. The box is high-level packaging that has trays inside, so you can keep everything organized without having to worry. This set comes with 136 different colors, 10 of which are special metallic colors, helping you shade and match up the perfect tints. The entire pack weighs less than two pounds, so anybody can carry it.

Best Beginner Colored Pencil Set

Providing a nice array for any person who wants to start learning how to color, the Pro Art 36-Piece Artist Pencil Set is a great option. This drawing set has 36 colors, 12 of which are watercolor pencils, giving you different tones to play with. There are also 12 colored pencils, so you can shade to just the right effect. The other 12 include eight sketch pencils, so you can draw before you color, as well as four graphite pencils for shadowing purposes. This is a solid purchase for anyone looking for a starter set, as it’ll give you a lot of different types of pencils you could use.