Create the perfect handmade wedding or baby shower invitation and practice picture perfect calligraphy with a set of brush pens. Brush pens help any artist when it comes to designing handmade sketches, pictures, or pieces of art. If you’re looking to enhance your artistic skills at home, brush pens could be the right choice for you. They can be used to get a desired watercolor effect and you can decide how much saturation you want on the page. Providing an array of colors adds versatility and flexibility to any artist’s arsenal. Take a look at the three sets we’ve found and begin flaunting your skills.

Best Color Variety Brush Pen Set

With so many colors to choose from, the Arteza Real Brush Pens is a perfect set for any creator. This set offers 48 different colors, including colors such as Eggplant Purple, Crocodile Green, Bubblegum Pink or Dolphin Gray. You can use these pens with water for a delicate watercolor effect or you can use them dry for coloring, sketching and calligraphy work. Each brush has a tip made from nylon brush hairs that can be used for thinner lines if you push softly or thicker lines if you press harder. These come with a free replacement guarantee if you have problems with the set.

Best Dual Brush Pen Set

Providing you multiple uses for each pen, the Tombow 56185 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers give you a lot of flexibility. Great for various tasks such as fine art, calligraphy, water colors and journaling, this set comes with nine different colors and one blender pen. Each pen is dual-sided, with a fine tip on one end for consistent, narrow lines and a brush tip for broader strokes. You can change the size of the stroke with the amount of pressure you apply. The blender pen can soften and blend the colors on the page.

Best Value Brush Pen Set

A great option for any beginner interested in art, the Ohuhu Water Coloring Brush Pens come in a set of six. These brushes won’t smear, thanks to their high quality nylon brush heads. You’ll get three flat tip brush pens and three point tip brush pens, so you can vary up your strokes. You just need to remove the barrel and fill it with water. Then you just squeeze the barrel to get some moisture on the end of the brush when you touch it to the color palette. You can easily wash them off later to clean them.