You can’t ring in a new year or give a toast at someone’s wedding without a little bubbly. We certainly aren’t the ones to tell you to break tradition, so check out any of these sets of champagne flutes to enjoy the moment. Using champagne flutes as decorations or to outfit tables at a party strikes just the right chord and shows the perfect amount of sophistication. Flutes hold just the right amount of champagne and holding one up acknowledges to those around you it’s time to celebrate. Whether you like plastic one or glass ones, a champagne flute is timeless. Take a look at the three kinds below and get ready to write your speech.

Best Glass Champagne Flute

Clinking glasses feels more special with a glass flute and the Eparé Champagne Flutes are a premium set. These stemless champagne glasses are double-walled, keeping your liquid colder longer and reducing the amount of condensation, so it’ll be harder for it to slip out of your hand. The glass is hand-blown for a personal touch and you’ll receive two per pack. These flutes are safe to put in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer as they are tough and durable. They won’t crack or melt, thanks to the borosilicate glass. They are a solid option for weddings or bridal showers.

Best Recyclable Champagne Flute

For an easier time with clean-up, getting a recyclable set of champagne flutes is a good way to go. The TOSSWARE 9oz Flute comes in a pack of 12, 48, or 252 to fit any and all occasions you’ll have. These plastic flutes are 100% recyclable, shatterproof and clear. The flutes are stemless, making them easy to hold and for serving any sparkling cocktail or drink. These are only meant to be hand washed and have a smooth, rounded rim. These can be stacked inside of each other to minimize storage space. They are completely BPA-free.

Best Decorative Champagne Flute

Adding an elegant touch to any party, the Oojami Gold Glitter Plastic Classicware Glass Like Toasting Flutes will shine. They come in a box of 30 and they come in two parts: a base and a glass that fit snugly together. You can take them apart and store them easily after the party is over. They have gold glitter in the design, accenting any type of get together. The flutes aren’t to be used with hot liquids and are only meant to be washed by hand. These reusable champagne flutes will last a while.