We don’t always have time to shower and, if we do have enough time to squeeze into the shower, it definitely won’t always be long enough to wash your hair. Preventing your hair from getting wet when you’re just hopping in quickly for a rinse is made simple with a great shower cap. If you’ve just gotten your hair done, you know you can’t get your hair wet, in risk of messing up the hairdo. Anyone who’s been in that scenario or has seen Legally Blonde knows that. All joking aside, shower caps are also a great way to prevent your hair from being ruined while you sleep. We’ve handpicked three great shower cap options, so you can hop in and not worry about your hair.

Best Decorative Shower Cap

Giving us a machine washable cap, Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Shower Cap is a terrific option for all different hair styles. The liner is mold and mildew resistant, making it last for a long time. The large size will fit all sizes or hairdos and the elastic hem makes it simple to put on. It comes in a variety of styles, giving you options such as deco dots to sassy stripes. It is waterproof and leakproof and keeps your hair nestled nicely in or out of the shower.

Best Extra Large Shower Cap

Large enough for natural hair, extensions, braids and weaves, the Satin Dream Jumbo Shower Cap by Simply Elegant is waterproof. It has an adjustable drawstring, letting you set it so it’s comfortable and won’t leave a mark on your forehead like a cap that’s too tight. The adjusting toggle can be tucked in, so it won’t be in your way. Constructed from high quality EVA plastic, it protects your edges and it measures 15″ in diameter. It is backed by a lifetime warranty and Simply Elegant also makes smaller sizes.

Best Pack of Shower Caps

Picking up the Diane Hair Processing Caps 100 Pack means you won’t have to worry about getting new shower caps for a long time. One size fits all and these are great to be used after treatments, perms and colorings. These clear plastic caps have sewn edges to protect your hair and give it extra durability. They have a soft elastic band to keep them secure on your head. Since you get 100 of them per pack, you can use them for other activities, such as in the kitchen to cover dough to hep it rise or keeping bowls and plates safe.