When you’re at the airport, worrying that you’re going to miss your flight and running to security like the family in Home Alone, the last thing you want to have happen is getting stopped while going through the scanner because you brought a bottle that was too big. Take that type of frustration out of your life, and then maybe you can focus on getting to the airport earlier, with a set of travel bottles. Travel bottles are approved for safety and won’t get your stopped by security. They allow you to bring your favorite products with you and make it simpler to pack. Take a look at the three sets we’ve highlighted for you and don’t worry about having your bag go off again for bringing too much shampoo.

Best Three-Pack of Travel Bottles

Giving you peace of mind while traveling, the LiquiSnugs are silicone travel bottles that are 100% guaranteed leakproof. These refillable containers come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren’t happy or something happens to them, you can send them back, no questions asked. It comes with two 3oz bottles and one 2oz bottle, letting you bring approved sized bottles every time. They let you maximize your packing space while guaranteeing you bring the important liquids with you. They come with adjustable labels so you can tell the liquids apart.

Best Squeezable Travel Bottles

The Oursunshine Travel Bottles by Hestia Goods are a great price and very easy to use. They are made from silicone, making them super easy to squeeze when you want to get all of the liquid out of the bottle. Meant for shampoos, conditioners and lotions, this pack comes with two 3oz bottles, two 2oz bottles, and two 10g small bottles. They’ll fit perfectly in your shower bag or gym bag as the rubber is super strong and thick. Only fill the bottles up 80-90% for best results.

Best Large Pack of Travel Bottles

Providing you with nine bottles for you and your whole family, the Teapile 9 Pack Travel Bottles have you covered. Made from food grade safe and BPA-free material, these FDA certified containers can fit a lot of your cosmetics. Each cap has a triple layer to seal the bottle and there is a capacity design to show you how much of your product is in each bottle. You get four 3oz bottles, three cream boxes, two toothbrush covers and a clear bag to put them all in. They come in different colors, making differentiating the bottles simple.