In today’s technologically driven culture, not owning a own cell phone is essentially the same thing as not owning a pair of underwear — not unheard of, but extremely unlikely. Considering basically everyone on the planet has a smartphone, having a reliable case is imperative. This goes double for iPhone users, who see the price of their precious new models skyrocket on an annual basis. There are a ton of great iPhone cases out there — and just as many bad — so you’re going to have to do your homework. Luckily, we did your homework for you. Here are some of the best iPhone cases you can get to protect your precious digital baby.

Best iPhone XR Case

For one of Apple’s newest — and perhaps most prominent models — the iPhone XR, finding a case is fairly easy, considering they’re already fairly durable and waterproof. However, considering the amount of moolah you have to dole out for one, you can’t go wrong with getting a quality case like this Clear Anti-Scratch Shock Absorption Cover Case for iPhone XR from Mikeke. This slim case will barely affect the aesthetic of your brand-new iPhone, yet it will still give it adequate protection. The case offers scratch protection, a shockproof air space cushion for sudden falls, and up to a one-year refund if anything goes wrong, making it a no-brainer choice for anyone in the market for a discreet, yet durable case.

Best iPhone 8 Case

If you’re not up-to-date on the latest iPhone tech and you have the still-very-functional 8 (or 7 for that matter), this Military Grade iPhone 7/8 Case from Kitoo is a great purchase. This case is drop-tested from up to 12 feet, so if you happen to work in construction or are just prone to dropping your phone, this case is a great buy. It also provides full camera lens protection, responsive button sensitivity, and a built-in kickstand design, so you can go full-screen mode if you want to watch a YouTube video or Netflix. Plus, despite its heavy-duty features, it still remains sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

Best iPhone Case for Durability

For something even more durable, you can’t go wrong with the household name in heavy-duty smartphone protection — OtterBox Commuter Series Case. This particular case is for the iPhone XR, but it is available for other models too. This two-piece case is made out of a rugged polycarbonate shell and a synthetic rubber slipcover, which together helps protect your phone against drops, shocks, and bumps. It also manages to cover all of the phone’s cracks and crevices (other than the screen, as a screen protector is sold separately), which helps prevent dust and debris from entering your phone’s sensitive areas. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that this OtterBox will keep your phone in tip-top shape for the long haul. Or at least until you decide to get the next iPhone…