For many of us growing up, a baseball cap was a staple of our wardrobe. Some people (myself included) liked to try and get as many Major League Baseball teams caps as possible to match them with an outfit. If you have a ton of caps or hats, one of the hardest things is to somehow keep them organized. Having a hat rack or hat organizer makes displaying your hats easy, so choosing one isn’t much of a chore. While you can definitely just use a storage container and stack them on top of each other, that can bend the brims or squash the tops of the hats. With any of these hat organizers, you’ll be able to keep your hats looking sharp.

Best Standing Hat Rack

Like you may have seen in movies from the 1950s, men used to wear hats all the time with suits. They would come home and hang their hats and coats on a rack and if that’s your style, the 1 X Black Metal Walnut Wood Hall Tree Coat Hat Rack by eHomeProducts is perfect for you. Giving your home a vintage look, the rack has nine limbs so you can hang hats, coats, bags and other assorted accessories by your door. It is six feet tall and requires only a small amount of assembly.

Best Strap Hat Rack

If you have a bunch of caps to sort, grabbing the CapRack18 Baseball Cap Holder from Perfect Curve is a great option. You can organize up to 18 caps on this holder, as the two straps can be strapped over a door or on a wall. Each strap has nine hooks and it works best with adjustable caps or visors. With two separate straps, you can put one in one room and one in another. Each strap has an adjustable metal buckle, allowing you to keep it snug against the door so it won’t sway. It comes with all the hardware you’ll need to set it up.

Best Wall Mounted Hat Hooks

Giving you a lot of versatility for hanging, the FOTYRIG Adhesive Hooks get the job done. These strong hooks can hold up to eight pounds each and are made from natural wood. The rounded peg hooks make sliding hats, purses and coats on and off easily. You don’t need to drill a hole into the wall to mount them as they have strong adhesive on the back. Each can be used on a variety of surfaces and this pack comes with eight, so you can put them around your home.