Always make sure people can get in touch with you when you’re talking to a client or a potential hire so they don’t have to track down the information themselves when you provide them with a business card you keep your business card holder. Telling a potential client “Let me give you my card” can keep the questions to a minimum and help seal the deal. Whether you want to display yours on your desk or have them with you on the go, having a card holder is a must for business professional. We’ve found a few options for you to check out to help you succeed.

Best Metal Business Card Holder

Leave a good impression when you take out the MaxGear Professional Business Card Holder and pop it open to retrieve your info. Proven to keep cards in pristine condition, it can hold up to 20 business cards and is 3.7″ x 2.3″ x 0.3″. It is sturdy and durable as it’s made from stainless steel, so it won’t bend or dent and won’t damage your cards. Easy to slip in and out of your pocket or bag, this can also be used to hold credit cards or IDs as well. They come in nine different colors, so you can choose the one to match your style. The silver one has a mirror on the front, giving it more versatility.

Best Color Collection for Business Card Holders

Giving you 25 different color options for the ultimate variety, the padike Business Name Card Holder is a great choice for yourself or as a gift. From black to olive green to pink and purple, there’s a color for everyone. Made from stainless steel and high quality PU leather, it measures 3.9″ by 2.8″, fitting almost any standard business card. It is lightweight and has an elegant design, allowing you to show some style while at a business meeting. The interior pocket houses your business cards with a cutout section that lets you easily slide a card in and out.

Best Business Card Display Holder

If you need a business card holder for your desk, you can’t go wrong with the Rolodex Mesh Business Card Holder. Offering a simple design for the office, it won’t take up a lot of area but will allow your visitors to take a card easily. The open innovation makes refiling it a breeze and the rolled mesh steel is durable. It measures 3.7″ x 2.5″ x 2″ and has a front stand to keep the cards upright. It won’t cost you much to upgrade the style on your desk with this.