When we were young, we were all a little afraid of the dark. Some of us grow out of that and some of us still have that fear. An easy way to combat any possible monsters in the closet or under the bed is to have a night light in your room. Getting night lights for your bedrooms, hallways, or bathrooms protects you from having to fumble around in the dark, trying to turn your cellphone’s flashlight on or searching your night stand for a handheld light. Being able to see in the dark is a crazy concept that is usually only achieved with night vision goggles. But rather than spending money on military equipment, make it easy on yourself and check out any of these night lights.

Best Pack of Night Lights

Equipped with sensors to know when it’s light or dark outside, the Sycees Plug-in LED Night Lights are great for your entire house. They come in a pack of six, so you don’t have to pick and choose where to place them. They aren’t bright enough to blind you, but they will illuminate any dark area you’re hoping to see. The built-in smart sensor only turns on when the room is dark. With their sleek design, these lights won’t block a second outlet, allowing you to keep it plugged in to any wall outlet all the time. They cost less than $0.20 a year to operate.

Best Smart Night Light

With the ability to be a night light, sound machine and alarm, the Hatch Baby Rest provides a lot of options for your kid’s room. You can control this machine from your phone, thanks to the Hatch app, so you can set it and turn it on and off based on your family’s sleep schedule. You can customize color and brightness, as well as sound and volume level. It will provide different colors of lighting as well as play white noise, or it can be set to play an alarm to wake you up. It can be set to automatically turn on or off and can be used by any age of sleeper. It can also be tapped on manually if you are in the room.

Best Touch Control Night Light

Giving you the option to change modes simply by touching it, the VAVA VA-HP008 Night Light for Kids is a solid choice for your house. It can last for up to 80 hours on weak light mode and it is rechargeable. The easy touch controls let you dim the light by touching the top of it, adjust the color by touching the logo, and double tap to shut it off. You can use it as a handheld flashlight or reading light. The waterproof design makes it perfect for a camping trip. Plus, it comes with stickers, so your child can decorate theirs to their liking.