Hanging plants can really tie a backyard together and let you feature beautiful flowers near eye level. Using a shepherd’s hook to dangle them from makes displaying the plants simple and easy. Whether you’re keeping them in the front of your house, backyard, near the pool or next to the deck, there are shepherd’s hooks that are the size you need. You can hang a bird house or feeder, thermometer, or clock from the hooks and they’ll stay firmly in place, adding decorum to your setting. Since there are many different kinds, we’ve selected three to tell you about to help accent your yard.

Best Extendable Shepherd’s Hook

Perfect for any hanging job you have, the Sorbus Shepherd’s Hooks come in a pack of four and can be set to different heights. You can set them for either 17.5″, 26.5″ or 36.5″, thanks to the extenders, giving you a lot of flexibility in how you want to arrange your yard. They are made from steel that will endure through bad weather for many seasons. You can use these to hang lanterns to light up a walkway and keep your area lit. With stakes to stick it into the ground, they can be pushed down to certain levels as well.

Most Sturdy Shepherd’s Hook

Boasting stainless steel that is 30% thicker than its competitors, Ashman Shepherds Hook is built to last. This hook measures 48″ high and 10″ wide with a 10mm-thick diameter, allowing you to hang just about anything from it. It has a vintage black finish for an elegant look and a bona fide shine. The hook is very easy to assemble and you can order them as a single unit, pair, pack of four or in a set of 10. This comes with a lifetime guarantee, so it really won’t cost you anything to give them a try.

Best Tall Shepherd’s Hook

If you want to show off your plants or hang mason jars for an outdoor event and display them higher than normal hooks, then the Gray Bunny Shepherd Hook is the right choice. It is 65″ high and 54″ above the ground with a 0.5″ thick diameter. This will hold heavier plants or signs without toppling over. Double-forked prongs make it easy to stick into the ground and it is rust-resistant. The dark color blends in nicely and works well against any backdrop. Giving you a timeless look for your yard, this hook can hold a bird bath, wind chimes or holiday decorations.