Have you tried to grow your own garden but due to poor sunlight or bad temperatures, your production of produce couldn’t get started? Are you into home brewing and want to start making your own beer? There’s an easier way to go about it without having to rely entirely on Mother Nature or expensive fancy kits. Using a heat mat and thermostat will help you control the temperature to get those seedlings started or perfect the right fermentation temperature. Now you don’t have to guess what the temperature is and you can aid in the process. Check out the three options we’ve picked out for you and do more from your own home.

Best Heat Mat

Guaranteed to keep temperatures in the sweet spot for optimal growth, the VIVOSUN Durable Waterproof Seedling Heat Mat maintains it between 10°F and 20°F above the average air temperature. There is a fortified connection between the mat and the cord, going beyond MET standards. It has strengthened Alloy Nikrothal heating wire and an extra layer of insulating PET film to ensure that the wire never scorches the roots of your plants. The mat measures 10″ x 20.75″ and only runs on 18 Watts of electricity, keeping your bill down. It is water-resistant, so you won’t be afraid to water the plants on top of it.

Best Thermostat for Germination

Being able to relegate the temperatures for your plants is made possible, thanks to the Hydrofarm MTPRTC Controller Thermostat. The digital thermostat helps jump start the germination process when plugged into a heating mat and will keep the temperature the same, depending on the setting you choose. It has a range from 68°F to 108°F and it is equipped with a LED indicator light and digital temperature control. You can set it to read in Fahrenheit or Celsius and it has a grounded three-prong plug and receptacle. It can be used on germination stations, terrariums, and other places for living things.

Most Versatile Thermostat

With a range of 68 degrees, the Century Digital Heat Thermostat Control gives you a lot of flexibility. It can go from 40°F to 108°F for temperature control and can read temperatures as low as 32°F and as high as 140°F. The controller has a convenient hanging tab, so you can hook it up next to whatever it is you want to measure. It will make sure the temperature in your habitats, fish tanks, at-home brewing station, and greenhouse all are where you want them. It is housed in a hard plastic case to keep the thermostat safe.