Sometimes, finding the right blanket for a good night’s sleep is a tough endeavor. Material is paramount, but that really just comes down to preference. What is perhaps the toughest thing to factor in when purchasing a blanket is its weight. You’d be surprised at just home much having a heavy blanket correlates with a good night’s sleep. That’s where the weighted blanket comes in. Designed to help relax users, a weighted blanket is scientifically proven to promote healthy sleep. While they may not be for everybody, they have definitely displayed the ability to help plenty of people lacking a proper regimented sleep schedule. Let’s look at some of the best weighted blankets on the web to help you make the executive decision on whether they’re right for you.

Best Weighted Blanket for Adults

For adults, the Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover is a fantastic option. Designed with seven layers for maximum comfort, you’re getting a quality weighted blanket that is all but guaranteed to help you get some solid REM sleep. The blanket itself actually comes in a variety of sizes and weights, as it is recommended to find one that accounts for around 10-12 percent of your body weight for optimal sleep. Additionally, the Quility Adult Blanket comes with a soft-to-the-touch, removable mink-like duvet cover that makes the blanket that much more comfortable.

Best Weighted Blanket for Kids

If your child has a tough time sleeping, you may want to consider getting them a weighted blanket. However, you should look for something made specifically for children. The YnM Weighted Blanket for Kids is the perfect fit. The 7 lb weighted blanket provides a solid weight for children, and its 4”x4” compartments ensure even bead distribution for maximum comfort. While you might be worried the blanket won’t last with your child, it’s virtually leak-proof, as the three-dimensional lock bead sewing method helps protect against all bead leakage.

Best Weighted Blanket on a Budget

It’s no secret that weighted blankets can get a little pricey. If you want something a bit more cost-effective but still of the highest quality, the Weighted Idea Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 lbs Queen Size is your best bet. Made of 100% cotton, this blanket is highly breathable and cool, which makes it a great option for both the winter and the summer. It’s also available in a bunch of different weights, styles, and size options to fit all of your needs. The blanket itself is pretty multi-faceted, and for its minuscule price (at least in terms of weighted blankets), you can use it for a variety of options, such as a throw blanket for your couch or your everyday use blanket for your bed.