So you just bought a new recliner. But by the law of averages, if you’re sitting on it and drinking your morning coffee every day, you’re going to eventually spill some on there. Or if you have a couple pets, there’s a good chance they’re going to mess it up one way or another. The perfect way to fight against these nuisances is by getting yourself a slipcover you can throw over your recliner. There are plenty of great covers that offer grade-A protection and won’t compromise the look of your recliner. Let’s take a look at some of the best of the best and find one that’s right for you.

Best Slipcover for Comfort

From a comfort standpoint, you’re not going to get much better than the Easy-Going Recliner Stretch Sofa Slipcover. This four-piece cover should fit any seating area between 23″-35.” It’s made of 20% spandex and 80% polyester, which helps make it a malleable, high-quality cover that’s super comfortable to the touch. It should help protect your recliner from everyday wear and tear, and it’s machine washable, so you can throw it in the laundry machine for a quick rinse before slipping it right back on your chair.

Best Slipcover for Style

If you’re looking something with an emphasis on style, this Great Bay Home Modern Velvet Plush Strapless Slipcover is a great choice. A flexible one-piece slipcover, Great Bay Home’s model fits on just about any armchair with a width up to 40 inches. The strapless, slip-resistant cover doesn’t easily fall off of your chair like some of the others, yet it’s the slipcover’s stylish designs that truly set it apart from the rest. Available in a plethora of different styles like Wild Dove Grey, Taupe, and Silver Cloud, this is by far the most aesthetically pleasing slipcover you’re going to find. In a sense, it’s like you’re buying a brand-new recliner for your room — just at a fraction of the price.

Best Slipcover for Protection

If you’re more concerned about protecting your recliner than you are with how it ties the room together, you should consider getting the Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Recliner Slipcover. While this slipcover might not cover the entirety of the chair, it is designed to keep the sensitive parts of your recliner safe from spills, pets, kids, or basically anything else under the sun. With patented strap design, your slipcover is guaranteed to stay in place at all times, and it’s reversible, in case you get sick of the color and want to make a switch. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing your chair will receive maximum protection forever.