The old adage “Beauty is pain” is rarely felt more than by people who have to get something waxed. Whether it’s your back, arms, mustache, legs, or any other area, going to a waxer can get expensive and be painful. Take the hefty prices out of it and do it yourself with any of these at-home waxing kits. Certain people believe that waxing yourself is less painful and you can test that theory. Especially during the summer months when it’s beach season, unsightly body hair isn’t what anybody wants. Check out any of these handpicked waxing kits and show your skin off confidently.

Best All-Natural Wax Kit

Using premium natural ingredients such as chamomile, cream, and rose, the NaturalRays Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit works on all areas of your body. The wax melts rapidly in the warmer, thanks to the electric heater that can be adjusted between 160°F and 240°F. There are four different flavors of beads to choose from. You just insert the beads into the warmer and in just eight to ten minutes, you’ll have usable wax. The kit comes with 20 applicator sticks and once you’re done with a waxing session, you’ll stay hairless for three to six weeks. This wax warmer suits many different types of wax including hard wax, wax beans, and Brazilian wax to name a few.

Best Value Wax Kit

With a new, natural formula that promotes soft skin, the Vertebeauty Waxing Kit will gently remove your hair. The wax warmer is made from durable and flameless ABS, PC, and PP construction. It also has a new plug-in that is FCC and CE standard compliant. The warmer has a 17oz capacity and creates wax that is effective and safe for both men and women. It comes with 20 applicator sticks, 10 mini and 10 maxi, and four hard wax bean sets. This kit provides you with a lot for not too much money.

Best Digital Wax Kit

Showing you exactly what temperature the wax is at on its bright screen, the Tress Wellness Home Waxing Kit Warmer can range from 86°F to 257°F. The wax also has a low melting point, meaning it’s effective without painfully hot temperatures. This kit comes with a lot of bonus materials, such as waxing sticks, five different FDA-approved bean bags, 20 waxing sticks, 10 eyebrow waxing sticks, a spray bottle to use before and one to use after, 10 gloves, and five protective rings. It comes with a two-year warranty, so trying it out won’t hurt you.