We’ve all seen a dog shake off after being in the rain or drag dirt across the kitchen floor before. Prevent the hassle of scrubbing the entire room afterwards by using grooming wipes on their paws and coats. Using a grooming wipe will effectively reduce the risk of spreading dirt and grime and will keep your pet clean. Plus, they can make your pet smell better in between baths. Dogs and cats can be dirty from playing or roaming, so give your pet that freshly groomed feeling by just simply using any of these handpicked grooming wipes.

Best Large Grooming Wipes

Pogi’s Grooming Wipes are made with all natural ingredients, including aloe vera, Vitamin E, and Hawaiian Awapuhi that help freshen and clean your pet. The wipes will give your pet’s coat a healthy shine. They can be used on their paws, coats, or rear ends. They are a great size, measuring 8″ x 9″, allowing you to get all of the dirt off in less tries. They help reduce dander on cats and are hypoallergenic. The wipes are quilted for even the thickest of pet coats. It comes in a pack of 100, so you will have plenty to use for a long time.

Best Bio-Degradable Grooming Wipes

With their lush mango scent, Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes will have your pet smelling and feeling good. They have a conditioning Hawaiian Awapuhi extract that is perfect for your pet’s coat. They are made from 100% bio-degradable material and are hypoallergenic. You can use these wipes as an alternative to baths or for touching up a grooming session. Get rid of drool, discharge, dander with a single swipe. They are cruelty-free and not made with any harmful chemicals. Made extra thick and measuring 8″ x 7″, Earthbath grooming wipes can treat any pet.

Best Medical Grooming Wipes

To get rid of any fungal or bacterial skin infection on your pet, check out a package of Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes. They have non-stinging antiseptic and an antibacterial and antifungal solution for skin treatments. They eliminate hot spots, ringworm, and acne and treat cuts and abrasions easily. They are proven to kill bacteria and yeast that most commonly affect the skin of dogs and cats. The wipes deodorize and are made on easy to use pads, so there isn’t any dripping of liquids or solution. Do not let your pet lick the treated area after applying the wipes.