Are you looking for a companion who is small, fluffy, and can be held in the palm of your hand? While there are plenty of dogs that can fit in a purse, a hamster is the real star when it comes to handheld pets. You’ll need a place for your hamster to live, so check out these amazing hamster cages. Getting a hamster can teach your kids responsibility or help you test the waters of being a pet owner if you’re not ready for a cat or dog. Take a look at the highlighted cages and start thinking about accessorizing them for your hamster.

Best Hamster Cage With a Wheel

Taking any additional planning out of your hands, the Favola Hamster Cage has everything your hamster will need. It has a hamster wheel, so your little friend can get some exercise. Additionally, it has a built-in water bottle to keep them hydrated and a food dish to keep them nourished. The two-floor plan will allow your hamster to move around inside. It can easily be connected to other trails, if you want to build more areas through tubes and added to other hamster cages. It comes with a one year warranty.

Best Deluxe Hamster Cage

For a bigger space, check out the Living World Deluxe Habitat cage. Measuring 30.7″ x 18.9″ x 19.7″, it offers plenty of room for your hamster, gerbil, or mouse to crawl around in. It boasts a full wire cage with a clear, plastic bottom, as well as an access ramp for climbing. Also, the food dish is tip-proof, so your hamster won’t spill it. Plus, it includes a drip-proof water bottle and a hay guard. All it takes to assemble is four easy plastic clips. This is the standard size, so if you want an even bigger area, they have a large and extra large option as well.

Best Wire Hamster Cage

Ware Manufacturing makes a Chew Proof High Rise Pet Cage intended for small animals that lets your pet roam easily. It can be attached to the top of any 10-gallon fish aquarium, giving your pet a downstairs and upstairs area to play in. It is made from durable powder coated chew-proof wire and has mesh ramps and shelves for them to sit on. It gives your pet a three-floor design to wander around in. There’s a top door on the roof that makes cleaning the cage easy. Plus, it comes with a food and water dish, so don’t worry about picking those up separately.