Here is a secret: pro chefs all use meat thermometers. Chow down on the juiciest burger and sear that steak to just the right temperature when you use any of these meat thermometers. Using a meat thermometer will give you the exact temperature of what you’re cooking, letting you know if it’s near perfection or if it still needs some time on the grill. Don’t waste any of the juices by cutting into the meat to check the color. Instead, just sticking in a thermometer will tell you the temperature in seconds. Serve the best quality meats cooked just the way you like them this summer by checking out our highlighted meat thermometer selections.

Best Deluxe Meat Thermometer

With dual probes that lets you monitor your food’s temperature from 300 feet away, the ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer allows you to mingle at your party without having to constantly check the food. It’s a wireless digital thermometer that needs no syncing. It displays both the food and oven temperature, so it’s perfect for the grill or the oven. It has nine preset meat settings and their various recommendations for cooking by the USDA to help you cook each food perfectly. But you can also reset those temperatures if, say, you always prefer medium-rare. Made from stainless steel, the probes can withstand up to 716° F.

Fastest Meat Thermometer

In just two to three seconds, the Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer will tell you whether you’re about to overcook your meat or not. It’s proven accurate to within +/- one degree and it takes the guessing out of cooking. The bright LCD screen clearly gives you the info you need and it has a large magnet and hook hole so it can be hung on the grill or refrigerator. It comes with two batteries, one for extra supply, as well as an eBook cookbook about modern cooking with meat thermometers. The user’s manual has a grilling guide that can be hung up with four velcro dots that you’re given, so you always know the right temperatures for specific meats.

Best Value Meat Thermometer

The Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer is super easy to use and shut off. Once it gives you the reading on its large lit display, you can flip the thermometer back in and it automatically turns off, saving battery life. It’s waterproof, making it simple to clean and store. It can be used with gas, charcoal, infrared or electric ovens or grills. It comes in a foam-lined box, which can be used for permanent storage. The Alpha Grillers meat thermometer is backed by a lifetime, money-back guarantee.

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