With the weekend upon us it might seem like a lovely time to make yourself a tasty treat. If you’ve got a box of brownie mix in your pantry — and you happen to live in Alabama, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, New York, or South Carolina — you might want to think again.

The FDA just posted a new product recall bulletin for cookie and brownie mixes sold in those states, and the risks of accidentally consuming the tainted product could be high. The flour used in the various mixes may be contaminated with E. Coli.

According to the recall notice, the flour used in mixes carrying the brand names Brand Castle, Sister’s Gourmet, and In The Mix comes from supplier ADM Million Co., and that’s where the trouble originated.

The product is being recalled because an ingredient supplier, ADM Milling Co., has issued a recall for the flour used in these products due to E. coli contamination found in a single lot code of H&R Flour at their Buffalo production plant.

The full list of UPCs and lot numbers are available in the FDA’s bulletin, so if you think you might have a jar of this mix sitting in a cupboard it would be wise to check.

E. Coli is a group of bacteria that can cause some pretty serious issues if ingested. Strains of the bacteria can produce a variety of symptoms including cramping, vomiting, and diarrhea.

The company says that it hasn’t received any complaints of illness over the consumption of its products, but it’s issuing the recall out of an abundance of caution. The company is offering refunds to anyone who purchased the recalled mix, and a phone number and email address are provided on the recall notice.

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