Everyone has had their eyes light up and been awestruck when a beautiful bird flew up to a window near them. Recapture that sensation by having an authentic bird feeder in your backyard. Attract wild birds and help keep them healthy by providing them with some food. If bird watching is one of your passions or you’re just hoping to catch a glimpse of some beautiful plumage and feathers, check out these three bird feeders we’ve chosen and start to marvel.

Most Deluxe Bird Feeder

With built-in compartments, the Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper Bird Feeder is made to keep the birdseed for the birds. It has a motorized perch ring that will spin if it feels the weight of a squirrel on it, shaking the squirrel loose and keeping it away from the birdseed. The 17″ tube bird feeder holds five pounds of birdseed, dispensing it at four different ports, allowing multiple birds to feed at once. Built with a powder-coated metal base and a UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube, it is proven to last through tough weather and being crawled on by any critter. The motorized ring is powered by a rechargeable battery and has an AC/DC adapter.

Best See-Through Bird Feeder

Placing the Window Bird Feeder House by Nature Anywhere on your window will let you see beautiful birds up close and personal. It is the only translucent window bird feeder on the market, allowing you to witness everything your visitors do. The sliding seed trays make it easy to refill and make it a chore anybody can handle. The patented air circulation system keeps the flow consistent and the birdseed free from mold. It is equipped with heavy duty suction cups, keeping it out of the way of squirrels as they can’t climb glass windows. The product is offered with a lifetime guarantee.

Best Value Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder fits up to two pounds of birdseed and can hang from any tree or post. The tray-style feeding port and circular tube lets any bird feed from any angle, meaning multiple birds can eat at the same time. It has a specialty locking cap that will keep birdseed in and squirrels out. The brown powder coat resists rust and the diameter is just over six inches, which makes it light. The specific design feeds seed into the tray and stops once it is full. But once some of the food is eaten, it dispenses more birdseed and keeps it consistently full.

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