If you’re like us and pretty much everyone else in the country who pays for cable internet, you hate paying for cable internet. Well, we would happily pay for internet access if it wasn’t to a monopoly that lobbied for exclusive access to each region and then overcharged us as much as possible. There are plenty of bogus fees from your cable company that you can’t do anything about, and it stinks. But there’s one charge of a whopping $10 per month that you’re going to eliminate right now.

Cable companies charge you $10 a month to use their modems. You might not even realize it, but if you look at your bill right now you’ll find a modem rental fee. If you buy your own modem and return theirs, however, you won’t have to pay that fee any longer. Amazon is running a one-day Gold Box sale on cable modems with prices starting at just $55.99. Buy a modem of your choosing, activate it with your cable company using the instructions in the box, and then return the modem you rented from them. Presto, we just saved you $120 a year!

Check out all of the discounted modems below, and remember this sale is only good on Friday.

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