A report a few days ago said that Apple is working on a next-gen device that sounded very much like a MacBook with a touchscreen display and ARM processor. Project “Star” is far from being confirmed, assuming the report is based on accurate information. Apple is also working on a foldable smartphone of its own, according to various reports, just like other major players in the mobile industry. Finally, Apple also has patents that describe hinge designs that would allow a seamless transition between the bottom and top part of a laptop or mobile device.

That’s all you need to know to enjoy the following foldable MacBook/iPad concept.

Posted on YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone, and created by German designer Kevin Noki, the following video shows what Apple’s laptop/tablet of the future may look like.

We’re looking at what appears to be a macOS-based laptop that can be easily folded both inwards and outwards to be used in a variety of ways.

The screen goes from edge-to-edge, and the device can switch from tablet mode to tent mode, and even laptop mode. The display, naturally, works with the Apple Pen.

Image Source: YouTube

In laptop mode, the device looks just like a MacBook Pro, complete with Touch Bar — well, the entire bottom side turned into a virtual keyboard.

There’s no notch on the front, although, if this product ever gets made, it’ll have Face ID cameras, either inside a tiny notch or under the screen.

When used at home or the office, this device could be attached to a dock that would effectively transform the device into an iMac-like desktop.

Image Source: YouTube

Finally, on the back, we have a dual-lens camera similar to the iPhone X. The concept, of course, could very well apply to a foldable iPhone that could be used as a tablet when fully extended.

There’s no doubt about it; I’d want this particular kind of foldable touchscreen MacBook right now.