Can a wireless network possibly be safe without password-protected security? Why yes, yes it can. The Keewifi Kisslink Wireless Smart Router and Range Extender may very well usher in the death of Wi-Fi passwords. What’s so special about this little Wi-Fi box? Simple: instead of having to type out a long password to connect new devices to your network, simple tap your device to the Kisslink to connect. Seriously, that’s it! Keewifi’s nifty proximity authentication takes care of all the heavy lifting, and it’s just as secure as conventional Wi-Fi password protection. The Kisslink has never been cheaper than it is right now on Amazon, so definitely check it out.

Here are some more details from the product page:

  • No passwords required
  • Simple 30-second setup (no configuration)
  • Proximity authentication as alternative to passwords
  • Enterprise-grade technology for reliable signal
  • App support for iPhone and android devices

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