It’s the second official day at MWC 2018 here in Barcelona, Spain, or third if you also count the Sunday before the event, which is usually the busiest day of the show in terms of press conferences. We’ve seen Huawei, Nokia, and Samsung unveil a bunch of new mobile products on Sunday, with Sony holding its Xperia keynote early on Monday. Asus, meanwhile, scheduled its press event for Tuesday evening local time, which is definitely a bit odd.

Asus is teasing an all-screen smartphone announcement for MWC 2018, and some reports have indicated that it might be the Zenfone 5 that will look a lot like the iPhone X, notch included. We won’t know for sure until the show begins, but we only have about a half-hour left to wait

Here’s what the Asus Zenfone 5 might look like:

It’s unclear at this time whether the phone will sport an advanced 3D facial recognition system like the iPhone X’s Face ID, or whether Asus is just emulating Apple’s design. On the other hand, the actual teasers that Asus has been posting online ahead of its MWC 2018 event show a design that reminds us of Xioami’s Mi Mix series, which features a narrow top bezel, and a beefier chin that houses the handset’s selfie camera.

Image Source: Asus

The teaser also features a bunch of robots scrolling on that big display, which probably means Asus will introduce its own AI tech at the show.

What seems to be clear is that Asus has been working on an all-screen design of its own. A recent benchmark leak said the handset will feature the same set of specs you already expect from this year’s top Android devices, including a 2246 x 1080 (2:1 aspect ratio) screen, Snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and Android 8.0 under the hood. The new Asus flagship is also supposed to pack a dual-lens camera on the back.

In addition to a flagship device, Asus may unveil other handsets that will be added to the new Zenfone 5 family. The press conference starts at 1:30 PM EST / 10:30 AM PST (7:30 PM local time) and you can live stream below. We’ll be on the ground to cover all of Asus’s big announcements, and you’ll find our live blog beneath the video.

And that’s a wrap. Aside from all the iFruit jokes, Asus had a pretty good event, I’d say.

That’s cheaper than Never Settle phones.

And it costs just €479. 

The Zenfone 5z will be the first flagship with 8GB of RAM.

Zenfone 5: Lite in March, 5 in April, and 5z in June.

Shen is back on stage. 

“We care about the notch and the big screen in different ways.”

Fingerprint sensor is on the back. 

Face and fingerprint unlock included. 

Zenmoji: “If fruits and Korean can have it, we can have it.”

AI Ringtone: The phone will ring really loud in noisy environments.

“The phone is so loud that you can’t compare it to the Fruit phone X.”

I feel like an iPhone slowdown joke is incoming.

AI Charging will improve battery life. 

Faster app launch also sounds pretty cool.

The Zenfone 5 is definitely not the flagship phone.

Yeah, Asus pretty much copied Apple’s notch. Noth that it’s a bad thing. 

Asus says it’ll hide the notch when you don’t need it.

“Our notch is 26% smaller than the fruit phone,” he said. “And I’m not afraid to say that.”

Zenfone 5: 19:9 all-screen display. That’s a 6.2-inch display in a body of a 5.5-inch body.

AI Photo Learning: the camera learns from your preferences.

A Pro camera mode is also available, similar to what Nokia has introduced.

AI helps out with the zoom. 

The crowd cheers. 

Ok this is a pretty cool trick. We’re looking at incredible zoom. 

“Quality, details, images like you’ve never seen before”

Bokeh pictures coming to Zenfone 5 phones. 

AI Camera: 16 scenarios that detect what’s in front of view, and adapts the settings. 

Asus built its new UI with AI in mind.

“Our vision for AI starts with people.”

“We’re moving to a new breed of phones.” Here comes Asus’s AI.

Asus global marketing head Marcel Campos now takes the stage. 

So it looks like the 5z is going to be the flagship this year.

But we’re back on smartphones. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 will power the Zenfone 5z.

That’s the Asus NovaGo, if you must know.

Qualcomm on stage to talk about the always-on connected PC. 

The Lite is the “jewel you must have.”

Other specs include a 6-inch display with 2K resolution.

So, apparently, the rear camera isn’t the most important camera in a phone. That explains why we need two cameras on the front of the Zenfone 5 Lite.

Zenfone 5 Lite is a phone with four cameras.

Time for a “We love photo” video to remind us what Asus has achieved.

And we’re getting into camera tech from the start. “This is who we are and how we want to live,” she says.

Daniela Idi now on stage to celebrate with us this wonderful night.

AI was also just confirmed. 

Two of them are all-screen phones Mi Mix style.

Three phones: Zenfone 5 Lite, Zenfone 5, and Zenfone 5z are now official.

Tne Zenfone series brings “a heritage of firsts.”

Shen is about to tell us why we’re back to the 5. 

Here we go, we’re in business. Asus CEO Jerry Shen is on stage, as the announcer tells us Asus has plenty of announcements planned for today.

The place is pretty packed. Not like Samsung Galaxy S9 insanity packed. 

Clearly, some people really loved it. Someone just used :heart_eyes: emoji on social just now. #Backto5

The original Zenfone 5 launched in 2014. Why is Asus returning to this particular brand? I have no idea, but they’re probably going to explain soon

An ode to the Zenfone 5 if you will. 

Music is playing, while Asus has a social kind of thingy projected on the huge display.

I’m seated here, at the Italian Pavilion in Barcelona, Spain. Just a few more minutes until Asus unveils the brand new Zenfone 5.