Netflix and online streaming are as synonymous as Blockbuster and straight-to-DVD movies. But in the last two years, dozens of pretenders to the throne have sprung up, and Netflix isn’t alone any more.

But a new survey shows that while Netflix might not be your only choice for a streaming service, it’s still the one that makes people the happiest.

A recent Cogent Reports study by Market Strategies International surveyed 1,200 consumers on a huge range of topics related to streaming. It’s an interesting read for anyone curious about how streaming and cable are co-existing, but it also provides some neat insights on how the most popular streaming services stack up against each other.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu were all ranked by consumers who use the service based on a number of different aspects. For quality, reliability, satistfaction, and price — the four categories customers were asked to rank — Netflix scored the highest. Amazon scored above Hulu for quality and reliability, but actually fell to third place behind Hulu for satisfaction and price.

The biggest takeaway from the report — other than that Netflix is still king — is how much people don’t care about live content. “Live-stream TV features, such as real-time viewing and access to sports or local programs, don’t produce the same lift in reach that comes from improved navigation and expanded content,” the report highlights.

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