Back in August, we wrote about a survey that showed how T-Mobile is the only network to actually have satisfied customers. The obvious guess was that T-Mobile’s “Un-carrier” moves, like abolishing taxes and fees and offering unlimited plans, were responsible for the happiness. Thanks to T-Mobile’s own executives, we now have actual data to back up that guess.

During a recent trade show, T-Mobile EVP of Customer Care Callie Field told attendees that calls to customer support have decreased 31% since it started the Un-carrier initiative in 2013. With the assumption that fewer calls to customer service means happier customers, that’s a strong sign that Un-carrier is having the intended effect.

“Customers rarely call when they’re happy with their service” said Field, according to Fierce Wireless. “Carriers inflict pain. The Uncarrier removes pain,” she continued.

Of course, there could be other factors at play that explain some of the decrease in customer service calls. Over the last four years, T-Mobile has embraced chat support and social media support, much like other companies — to the point that getting support over Twitter, in my experience, actually works better than over the phone. To get a more accurate picture of the number of customer complaints, it would be better to see numbers comparing total contacts with customer support, as a percentage of total customers, between 2013 and now.


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