We rarely cover fashion over here at BGR, unless it has something to do with technology or innovation. But we absolutely have to talk about these new thong jeans today, even if the only tech-related thing about them is the fact that the image above is going viral on social networks.

Welcome to a modern reenactment of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

This might sound like a story in The Onion, but a designer thought actually thought it would be a good idea to strip the denim off of the front and back panels of the legs and just leave the seams. And so thong denim was born, possibly one of the worst ideas in the modern era of fashion.

The jeans were on display at the Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo, per Harper’s Bazaar, marking a sad day for mankind:

The ancient Mayans may have ended their calendars on December 21, 2012, but let the history records reflect that the world actually ended in the year of our Lord 2017 when, amongst other things, the jeans apocalypse officially hit.

It just so happens that I can point you to the gates of hell if you’re looking for directions now that you know these jeans exist.

Image Source: Harper's Bazaar

We can only hope nobody else is “inspired” by this monstrosity and actually tries sell them in stores. TGIF, everyone.