Apple online services including Apple Music, the iTunes Store, App Store, and Apple TV are down for some users this morning. Apple’s cloud services dashboard shows “intermittent issues” for “some users,” although it’s only affecting certain Apple services at this time.

The full list of services down is the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Store, iTunes U, Mac App Store, and theVolume Purchase Program.

The Down Detector, a crowdsourced site that monitors service outages for online services, shows that all the affected systems started experiencing problems yesterday afternoon. Its reporting system doesn’t show any problems currently, although that might just be the time of day leading to a lower number of reports.

Apple doesn’t tend to show an issue on its dashboard unless a real problem has been identified by engineers, so the admission that there are “intermittent issues” shows that there’s definitely a problem, we just don’t know how big.

The Down Detector’s issue monitor for the iTunes Store showed that the majority of users were reporting that downloads wouldn’t work, while others were experiencing issues opening the store at all, or navigating to a webpage. Similar problems were reported for Apple’s other services, with Apple Music customers finding themselves unable to stream tracks.

The geographical distribution of reports is all over the US with a bias towards the West Coast, which makes sense given the time of day when services started experiencing problems.

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